Circuit Schematics

This page lists circuit schematics for most of our products and suggestions for designing your own I/O circuits.  Please ask if you need a schematic that is not listed here.  Please also see our Application Notes page.

Product schematics

Analogue port 5624-Schematic.pdf
Application Board 1 (Breakout Board) 5905_Schematic.pdf
Application Board 2 (old) 5902-Schematic-Iss-B.pdf
Application Board 3 5922-Schematic.pdf
Display Adapter 2 5908-Schematic.pdf
Display Adapter 3 5913-Schematic.pdf

I/O circuits

1-Wire Bus Sch-1-Wire-Bus.pdf
Analogue Circuits Sch-simple-analogue.pdf
Character LCDs Sch-AlphaLCDs.pdf
I2C Bus: Bus 2 Sch-I2C-Bus-2.pdf
I2C: General circuits Sch-general-I2C.pdf
I2C Keypad (12x4) Sch_12x4_I2C_Keypad.pdf
Memory card - MicroSD, fixed Sch-Fixed-MemCard.pdf
Serial Ports Sch-serial-ports.pdf
Thermocouple Sch-Thermocouple.pdf
USB Port (Device) Sch-USB-port.pdf
USB Port (Host) Sch-USB-host.pdf
VM2 Footprint VM2_Footprint.pdf