Code Snippets

We have gathered a few snippets and example programs that may help you with writing
your own code. Each of these programs is available to view by clicking the
links and is also downloadable for you to modify and use for your own purposes.

If there isn’t a code snippet here that helps you we will be happy to
make suggestions on how to approach writing Venom code to solve any problem.

The single-file snippets will open as text files in your browser, but are best downloaded as Venom (*.vnm) files and viewed using VenomIDE2.

To view the zipped projects, click on the zip file to download it, right click and Extract all in Windows, and then double click the *.vpj file to view the project in VenomIDE2.

File System Security: encryption and HMAC authentication File Encryption (project zip file)
GUI Framework VGA and similar displays GUI Framework (project zip file)
Analogue I/O port driver code (for 5624) 5624_driver_code.vnm
Digital Filter (IIR) filter-snippet.vnm
Email sending and receiving example email-snippets.vnm
Error codes - all the Venom error numbers defined as symbols. errorcodes.vnm
Filesystem snippets filesystem-snippet.vnm
FTP Server on VM2 FTP_server.vnm
MODBUS/TCP skeleton application modbus_server.vnm
Persistent settings PersistentSettings.vnm
Real Time Clock Adjustment ClockAdjustment.vnm
Remote Firmware Update firmware update.vnm
Serial port: useful functions serial-snip.vnm
Sign Extension and other number conversions SignExtension.vnm
TextAnalyser: extract XML from an RSS feed rss.vnm
Temperature: PT100 + calibration PT100.vnm
Temperature: Thermistor Examples thermistor.vnm
Temperature: Thermocouple input thermocouple.vnm
VM2-D2 update VM2-D2-update.vnm
Web server: Minimal, no filesystem httpdemo.vnm
Web server: Minimal, using file system http_minimal.vnm
Web server: With forms and buttons for user input httpform.vnm