Datasheets for the VM2 Range

The datasheets for our products are listed in the table below.  If you can’t find what you need please contact us.

Please also see our list of Circuit schematics.

Analogue I/O port 5624 Analogue IO Port Datasheet
Application Board 1 (Breakout Board) 5905 VM2 Breakout Datasheet
Application Board 2 (old) D046_5902_VM2_App_Board2.pdf
Application Board 3 D050_5922_VM2_App_Board3.pdf
Digital I/O port 5922_VM2_App_Board3
Digital Input Card 5622_Digital_Input_Card_Datasheet
Digital Output Card Digital_Output_Card_Datasheet
Display Adapter 3 5913_VM2_DA3
Relay Card 5620_Relay_Card_Datasheet
RS232 Level Shifter 5914_RS232_Level_Shifter
VM2 Channels (Excel spreadsheet) VM2_Channels.xls
VM2 Controller 5900_VM2_Datasheet