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Interface Hardware

Extending the Interface Capability of the VM2

The VM2 controller can connect to a host of different devices, and many useful interfaces are built into the standard VM2 Application Boards. This page shows a range of interfaces that can extend the capabilities of the application boards.

These circuits may also be designed into a custom application board.

Interface types

Interfaces fall in three main classes

Industrial I/O Cards

The Industrial I/O cards provide an interface between the controller and industrial signal levels. Up to 16 cards may be daisy-chained on to each I2C bus to form a complete system. The cards plug directly into the I2C connector on any standard Application Board.
  • I2C cable supplied
  • Fully integrated with Venom language
  • Pluggable screw terminals - 'Combicon'
  • Industry standard signal levels
  • Up to 16 cards can be daisy chained together
  • LED level indicators
  • Isolated input and outputs
  • Optional Long Distance I2C Interface (I2C Bus voltage must be set to 5V)

Relay Card

Relay Card
  • I/O channels: 8 n/o relay contacts
  • I2C bus channels used: 8 of 128* digital
  • Output rating: 6A @ 240V ac
  • Size 92 x 97mm
  • Power supply: 10-28V dc, 120mA nom

relay card datasheet relay card datasheet

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Product code: 5620

Digital Output Card

Digital Output Card
  • I/O channels: 8 opto-isolated MOSFETs, n-channel, open drain
  • I2C bus channels used: 8 of 128* digital
  • On resistance: 0.05 ohm
  • Output rating: 4A @ 30V dc
  • Size 87 x 97mm

[This card requires the VM2 I2C Bus to run at 5V]

digital output datasheet digital output datasheet

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Product code: 5621

Digital Input Card

Digital Input Card
  • I/O channels: 16 opto-isolated inputs, 2 banks of 8, +ve or -ve polarity
  • I2C bus channels used: 16 of 128* digital
  • Input voltage: 24V dc nom
  • Size 91 x 93mm

digital input datasheet digital input datasheet
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Product code: 5622

* Getting 128 Channels

The first 64 digital channels are available immediately and the second 64 are available by substituting alternative driver chips in place of those supplied in the card. This is a simple and inexpensive operation.

Board-level interfaces

The digital and analogue interfaces described below have I/O at logic and low power signal levels, and are intended for prototyping new applications, low volume production and use inside an instrument case.

Also described are a WiFi adapter that plugs into an application board, and an RS-232 converter between the VM2's logic level serial interfaces and RS-232 signalling levels.

Wifi Adapter

wifi adapter

The Wifi Adapter carries a Gainspan GS2100 wifi module and plugs into the breakout connections of either of our application boards. It can either be soldered in direct or plugged into a 10 way socket (supplied) for evaluation.

The 5921 acts very like the ethernet controller on the Application board, allowing TCP/IP software on the VM2 to connect to a LAN or the internet, or providing an access point for a laptop, tablet or smartphone, typically to a web server on the VM2.

Datasheet Datasheet

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Product code: 5921

18/12-bit Analogue I/O Port

Analogue I/O Port
  • 1 channel up to 18-bit differential input
  • 8 channels 12-bit input
  • 2 channels 12-bit output
  • I2C bus
  • Prototyping area - uncommitted array on 2.54mm pitch

This Analogue I/O Port allows the VM1 or VM2 controller to read 8 analogue inputs and generate 2 analogue outputs at 12 bit resolution, and also to read one analogue input at upto 18 bits.

Up to 2 of these Analogue I/O Ports may be connected to each I2C Bus, though in this case the 18-bit inputs are not easily usable.

The Analogue I/O Port will plug directly into the I2C connector on the Application Boards.

The kit includes an I2C cable and additional connectors.

Datasheet Datasheet

Example code

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Product code: 5624

Digital I/O Port

Digital I/O Port
The Digital I/O Port allows the VM1 or VM2 controller to generate and detect 16 digital signals at logic levels. Up to 4 of these Digital I/O Ports may be connected to each I2C Bus. With alternative driver chips this can be increased to 8 Ports, a total of 128 digital I/O channels per I2C Bus.

The Digital I/O Port plugs directly into the I2C connector on the Application Boards.

The kit includes an I2C cable.

Datasheet Datasheet

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Product code: 1022

RS-232 Level Shifter

RS-232 Level Shifter

Converts between logic-level serial interfaces and industry standard RS-232 levels on a standard 9 pin D-type connector (plug). It may be useful for

  • Developing designs where an RS232 serial port is needed for development but not in the final product.
  • Adding more RS232 ports to a standard VM2 Application Board.

Datasheet Datasheet

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Product code: 5914