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Application Boards for the VM2

In use, a VM2 controller is normally plugged into an 'application board'. The VM2 provides the CPU functions and the raw logic-level I/O signals; the application board provides interfaces to the system to be controlled.

Often our customers will design their own application board, or have us do it for them. As these are mostly relatively simple circuits the investment in design and production facilities is relatively low.

However it may not make sense for you to develop your own custom application board if you are just prototyping a project or have a small production run, so we offer a range of Standard Application Boards.

The Application Boards shown below are compatible with all versions of VM2 controller, although the VM2L will not be able to drive some of the interfaces on Application Boards 2 and 3.

Assembly of Controller and Application Board

VM2 controller module VM2 controller plugs into an application board The application board:
a PCB carrying all your interface circuits.

VM2 Application Board 1 (Breakout Board)

Application Board 1
Application Board 1 is also called the Breakout Board because all the VM2 pins are taken to prototyping areas for you to develop your own circuits. To get you started it has power, serial, and I2C interfaces already fitted. These are easily removed or bypassed if you don't want them.


  • RS232 level shifters & D9 connector on Serial Port 1
  • I2C bus - to add more interfaces
  • Program mode and Reset switches
  • EEPROM socket
  • Prototyping Areas
  • Powered by 5 - 16V DC, typically 50 mA
  • Regulated 3.3VDC available

Datasheet Datasheet

Schematic Schematic

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Product code: 5905

VM2 Application Board 2

Application Board 2 has now been superseded by Application Board 3 and may not be available from stock.

Product Code: 5902

VM2 Application Board 3

Application Board 3 We put as many interfaces on this application board as we could so you can explore the capabilities of the VM2 controller range:
  • Touchscreen display interface (display and adapter available separately)
  • Ethernet on RJ45 socket
  • MicroSD memory card socket for GBytes of fixed storage
  • USB Host controller for GBytes of removable storage
  • USB Device, to access VM2's internal Flash File System
  • 2 x RS232 serial ports
  • RS485 Serial Port (half-duplex)
  • I2C Bus (3.3V or 5V) - to add more interfaces
  • CAN Bus
  • Alphanumeric LCD interface (3.3V or 5V)
  • Loudspeaker (plays PWM 'beeps' or WAV sounds)
  • EEPROM for non-volatile application settings or parameters
  • 4 x 4 Matrix Keypad interface, or 8 general purpose digital I/Os
  • Power supply (Switch Mode: 7.5 - 28 VDC; 12VDC if using display)
Also, every VM2 pin is taken to 0.1" breakout connectors so you can connect external circuits.

Datasheet Datasheet

Schematic Schematic

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