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Fonts and images

If your application uses our VGA colour display, we provide tools and services to help you get graphics and fonts looking perfect.

Font manager

VenomIDE has a built in Font manager which allows you to embed TrueType and other outline fonts in a Venom application.

Logo service

We can embed an icon, for example a company logo, in an outline font so you can display it at any size and in any colour on a graphics display. Alternatively, we can convert an icon/logo to a fixed-size, full colour bitmap with transparency.

Button images

There are websites that provide or generate graphic images of buttons, etc. An example is GRSites.

PNG files generated here may be converted into Windows bitmap format (BMP) by opening in utilities such as Pixelformer and then exporting in BMP format. Use 32-bit BMP format for images with transparency. These BMP files may then be loaded into the VM2's Flash Filing System and plotted on a display using the GraphicsLCD.Bitmap message.