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Comparing the Raspberry Pi and VM2

Some people have been considering using the Raspberry Pi for embedded control applications.

The Raspberry Pi was developed as a desktop consumer product. Despite packing a lot of computing power in a small low-cost package and having some digital I/O ports, it is not very suitable for many embedded control applications.

This table compares the Raspberry Pi and the VM2 on features considered useful (or essential) to most industrial quality embedded control systems.

Low current consumption (for hand-held and remote applications) Yes No
Real time clock/calendar Yes No
Boot direct from Flash (start up in < 1 second) Yes No
Continuity of supply measured in decades Yes No
Industrial temperature range Yes No
Hardware power supply monitor Yes No
Choice of OS No Yes
SD card support Yes Yes
Drives industry standard 5.7" and smaller graphic displays Yes No
Full customer support from manufacturer Yes No