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I2C Bus

The I2C bus is a two-wire network which can control many devices. On the VM2, there are two I2C buses with full hardware support, each of which can link to the following functions.
  • 128 digital I/O channels
  • Many analogue input and output channels at resolutions from 8- to 18-bit
  • EEPROM non-volatile storage
  • Alphanumeric LCDs and keypads based on I2C Digital I/O channels
... and more ...

The Venom language also provides simple access directly to the I2C bus so any I2C device may be controlled.

Schematics for various I2C circuits are available.

I/O Ports on I2C

For interfacing to 0-3.3V signals inside an equipment housing use our Digital and Analogue I/O Ports.

All of these cards are connected to the VM2 via one of its I2C buses. The VM2 provides full software support.