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Battery Power

The VM2 is ideal for battery-powered applications. It consumes far less current than PC-based controllers and there are automatic power saving features built into the Venom language. Whenever your code is waiting for an event or for a period of time, the CPU is put to sleep, waking up the instant it is required again.

Typical Power consumption

When it is not doing heavy processing the VM2 will typically take 19mA (63mW). Even lower current consumption may be achieved by setting a slower clock speed (under software control). At 16MHz (~1/4 speed) the controller will idle at 6mA (20mW).

For many applications, these are the actual average power figures.

Ultra Low Power Sleep

For still lower power consumption the CPU may be put into an ultra low current mode, waking up periodically (or on an event) to see if it should do anything. In this 'Stop Mode' it consumes around 55µA (180µW).

(It is possible for the VM2L, or similar hardware configurations, to sleep with even lower power - around 4µA. The I/O configuration and contents of RAM are not retained during this state.)

In order to achieve these ultra low power figures it is necessary to ensure that all the inputs to the VM2 are at defined logic states. This is supported in the Venom language.