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Our Philosophy

What is special about VCS?

  1. We go out of our way to provide excellent technical support.

    Many of our customers are people who know a lot about their own business but are not experts in electronics or software. We understand that solving your problems quickly and efficiently works for both of us.

  2. All of our products are designed to work together.

    With other vendors you usually have to build up a control system from parts designed and supported by different companies (e.g. the hardware, the operating system and the programming language). This means that it is often hard to get support for your exact problem.

  3. Our products were designed for use in industrial control systems from the outset.

    Most single board microcontrollers were developed for the hobby market and are not suitable for industrial control systems.

  4. Our main programming language, Venom, is both simple and powerful.

    Other languages tend to either require you get a lot of things right before your first program will run, or are so limited that you can't solve large real-world problems.

Our engineering team will be happy to discuss your project.

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